Some of the services we provide are

Some of the services we provide are:-

  • Assistance and guidance with ISO27001 (Information systems standards), ISO27701 (Privacy Information Management System) and PCI (card payment processing)
  • Annual data protection training.
    • Annual Data Protection training, As part of GDPR all organisations have to ensure they staff are trained every year to reduce the risks to your systems and data.
  • Compliance assessment and audit/alignment to GDPR.
    • Our data protection audit process is based best practice and on the audit guidance issued by the Office of the Data Protection Commissioner, which can be found here:

      ODPC – Guide to Audit Process, Aug 2014

  • Assistance with Data protection impact analysis (DPIA’s)
    • A Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA) is a pre-defined method of identifying the privacy risks associated with your projects/operational work-streams and the means by which you can deal with them.
      • In some situations, conducting a DPIA will be a mandatory requirement of the GDPR.
      • The DPIA is central to a “Privacy by Design and by default” based approach to systems development.
      • We can can work with you to conduct DPIAs and integrate their outcomes into your projects and operational processes.
  • Policy and procedure reviews.
    • Policies and procedures are one of the keys to organisations system and data security.
    • We can review and advise on policies required and if existing polices/procedures meet the current requirements.
  • Data protection officer including:-
    • Where organisations require a DPO (data protection officer) either because they have decided to appoint one or because they are mandated to appoint one I can offer that service and include the following as part of the service.
      • Low monthly cost as part of a 12 month contract.
      • Monthly external vulnerability/security testing of your website and  office/site internet connection.
      • Access to an expert in data protection as required.
      • Annual internal vulnerability/security testing.
      • Staff annual data protection training.
      • Informing and advising the controller or the processor and their employees of their data protection obligations.
      • Monitoring compliance with the Regulation, including the assignment of responsibilities.
      • Awareness-raising and training of staff involved.
      • Providing advice where requested as regards the data protection impact assessments (DPIAs) and monitoring compliance and performance.
      • Engaging with the Data Protection Commissioner’s Office or relevant Supervisory Authority.
      • Keeping the business owners updated as to the latest threats and alignment to state of art as required.
      • Assisting with subject access requests.
      • Outsourcing this service to us can be very cost effective.
      • Significant savings on our standard daily rates.
For more information on any of these services please email or call 086 17 29383